‘Glimpse’ is a one-of-a-kind, wall hung cabinet, made by Ben Stephenson while at the world renowned Krenov School of Fine Furniture.

Combining the playfulness and clean lines of the mid-century modern aesthetic with sensitively applied fine woodworking and joinery techniques, the cabinet sits at the juncture of art-piece and luxury furniture.

The casework is made from a single board of Western curly maple – giving a coherence in the grain pattern across the whole piece. Features of note include hand-cut dovetails and a hand-applied shellac finish.

The doors and drawer fronts are made from the stunning tropical hardwood Peroba Rosa.

The three tea drawers feature hand-cut dovetails, and have what is termed in fine woodworking as a ‘piston fit’ – that is to say that they are made to such tight tolerances that when you close one drawer, the air pressure change of this action will often cause another to open.

Meanwhile, the elegant curved reveal between the doors allows for glimpses of the precious teaware held in the cabinet’s interior. The doors were made with traditional woodworking hand tools – handplanes, spokeshaves and files – before being finished by hand with shellac.

‘Glimpse’ will be on display at the Highlight Gallery, Mendocino from May 6th-15th as part of the annual Krenov School summer show.

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Tea Cabinet (closed)
Tea Cabinet (open)
Tea Cabinet (drawer pieces)
Tea Cabinet (drawer piece - dovetails)
Chiseling Dovetails
Ben Stephenson
Tea Cabinet (back)